In February’s recap, I mentioned that one of the Big 5 had expressed interest in Heart of Mist, and how that *might* have thrown me into a state of emotional turmoil… I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you about my decision in a little more depth…

I’ve always been absolutely intrigued by indie publishing. So intrigued that when I started Writer’s Edit, I made sure that it was an independent press pretty much straight away.

As you probably know, through Writer’s Edit Press, we published three beautiful creative writing anthologies: Kindling Volume I, Volume II and Volume III.

However, like many writers, when it came to my own writing, I always held onto that typical author’s dream of being published by one of the BIG FIVE.



The author’s dream…


I think it’s safe to say that we all romanticise the idea of being published by one of the big houses… The book launch, the book tour and all the wonderful press that we generally associate with a book deal.

However, times are changing, friends.

And not too long ago, I made the decision to go indie as an author, not just a publisher.

Everything was set in stone. I had a stunning cover designed for my first book, and had booked in an editor. And then something unusual happened.

A commissioning editor for one of the Big 5 approached me. She’d read about my upcoming book on my blog. She wanted to read it.

Suddenly, all my decisions about indie publishing were up in the air. This was one of the BIG guys. This was every author’s dream opportunity, right?



I couldn’t help it. I caved. I sent my manuscript to her. This was something I’d been dreaming of for my whole writing career…

The editor enjoyed it, and passed it onto the YA publisher of that particular house.

I also had two houses I had a previous relationship with, invite me to submit the manuscript.

While this was all in motion, I was going through some pretty intense inner turmoil. What was I supposed to do? Was I making the right decision?

Naturally, I didn’t want to string anyone along, and I certainly didn’t want to be strung along myself (been there, done that).

I realised, somewhere along the way, my ‘author’s dream’ had changed…


The decision to go indie…


I went with my gut instinct. I emailed the publisher and told her I wasn’t interested in publishing with their house.

Long story short, I turned down an opportunity with massive traditional publisher to go indie.

That’s a big call, right?

Of course it is.



But I’m so incredibly excited to have creative control over my book, and to be able run my own production schedule.

It’s not the easy route, trust me – I’ve got so much in the pipeline when it comes to book production, marketing and writing the next book in the series… However, it’s also a path that’s going to be immensely rewarding.

So! If you’re thinking about publishing your book independently, you might want to consider this post a sign that you’re on the right track.

Happy writing folks!

Until next time,



Note: Featured image credit to Freddy Castro via Unsplash.