To my Australian and New Zealand print readers,

I have been putting off writing this post for some time in the hope that I’d find a solution to my current predicament. Unfortunately, despite posting in forums and having numerous discussions with people, I’ve realised it’s just not going to happen…

For the last few years, some of you have regularly purchased your paperbacks and hardcovers directly from my website.

I’ve received a bunch of questions as to why The Fabric of Chaos hasn’t been available for pre-order there…

Well, as of today, I’ve made the incredibly tough decision to stop direct purchases from my website for future books. Living abroad has made selling direct difficult and I have been relying on my poor Mum to send out your orders on my behalf. However, this last year has been full of challenges, there have been deaths in the family as well as numerous ongoing illnesses and with three books slated to release this year, I feel like I can’t continue to ask my mum to run this side of the business for me.

For now, you can still purchase The Oremere Chronicles, A Lair of Bones and With Dagger and Song, but I won’t be adding my future catalogue for sale until a time where I can handle orders myself.

You’ll be able to purchase all my new paperbacks and hardcovers from the usual online retailers. I’ll be posting links as soon as I have them, I’m just waiting on final approval.

I’m sorry to change the game midway through, but with things so intense at home, it’s the right decision.

I hope you continue to enjoy my books in print!