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These Are My (Author) Confessions #6: War of Mist Launch Day Feels

It's the release day of my third book, and not only that, but the final book in a series. It's unknown territory. People keep asking me how it feels, and I'm sorry to say, I still don't have a neat answer for you. This book tested me in so many ways, in ways that the previous two didn't. I suppose every new ...

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On ARC Requests for Book II in ‘The Oremere Chronicles’

Hey guys, this post is just a quick one, especially for book bloggers and reviewers who have been contacting me about ARCs for Book II in The Oremere Chronicles... ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of Book II in the trilogy are a little way off yet. However, when the time comes to send these out, priority will be given ...

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