Hello lovely readers,

As the launch of War of Mist draws closer, I’ve been doing a fair bit of outreach marketing (as you can imagine). Part of that is being featured in publications and on blogs, talking about my craft and my books.

Recently, I wrote a piece for the lovely Aditi, who runs A Thousand Words, A Million Books.

This one was all about the complexities and challenges of completing the final book in a series. Check out the excerpt below, and click through at the end to read the full post over on Aditi’s blog…

When Aditi offered me the opportunity to write a guest post on writing the last book in a series, I was relieved. The third and final book in my trilogy, WAR OF MIST was done and finally, I had a space to talk about all the turbulent emotions I was feeling about the conclusion of this wild ride.

I went in blind when I started writing The Oremere Chronicles. I didn’t really understand how big a commitment writing a series was. Completing one book is a big deal, but three…? Every time I placed a finished book on my shelf I was in a bit of a daze, but finishing War of Mist (the third and final book) was even more surreal. In part, I was so glad to be at the end of the road – I’d been with these characters for over three years and I was starting to feel restless (not to mention exhausted). But then, there was another part of me that was sad the journey was ending. I kept having realisations throughout the process like, this is the last time I’ll be writing the first draft of an Oremere book, or this is the last Oremere copyedit I’ll do…

Read the full post here.