I’m going to end up saying this every time but – the last 30 days have been so busy! With my father’s birthday, my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, my sister’s 21st and cousins’ combined 30th and 40th – it’s a wonder I got anything done between all the family commitments! But get things done I did…

My Book:

Red Hands was sent off to some publishers a few weeks ago. Both publishers who showed interest last year remembered the manuscript and me, which was the boost I needed after submitting. The submitting itself is easy enough, it’s the moments and days (and weeks) afterward that are the challenge. Part of me is confident in my work – this manuscript is such an improvement on the last, but there’s always that niggling voice at the back (or front) of your head that says ‘what if it’s not enough?’ or ‘what if this manuscript catches the publisher at the wrong time?’.

My friend Ben and I were discussing this the other day – that so much of an author’s career is based on luck, or chance. We were talking about how you hear those stories about the editor who had the flu one day and so instead of answering emails, drank loads of tea and picked up the first manuscript lying on the pile – and ended up signing it.

I’m sure that happens. But there’s definitely more to it. I refuse to believe that my hard work won’t pay off because of something like this. If I keep going, just a little more, just a little more – it’s going to happen. Red Hands is going to get an offer. As Ben kindly reminded me, it’s only been two and a bit weeks (that’s like blinking, in the publishing world).

An Idea:

That’s all it is at this stage. An idea for a new book. However, I know myself and my writing well enough by now to know not to rush into things. Planning. I’ll definitely need planning. But it’s not even at the planning stage yet. It’s at the ‘mull-things-over’ kind of stage. I’ll keep you posted.

Editing Life:

My ‘editing life’ now comprises of two editing roles – my editing for Writer’s Edit and my editing for the AU review.

I’ve been the Managing Editor for the AU for about 5 weeks now (not long at all). Since starting, I’ve edited and published tonnes of articles, including interviews with Rose Byrne, Will Ferrell, Jason Statham, and more. As part of my ‘work perks’, I’ve attended and reviewed the Chandon Vintage Pop-up Bar and reviewed the film Insurgent.

Writer’s Edit continues to move on up in the world. We’ve recruited about ten new writers who are all extremely reliable and eager, which is fantastic. It also happens to mean that I’m up to my ears in editing at the moment. The lovely Kyra has been editing the poetry-related articles, which has been an amazing help, and we’re currently three weeks ahead in our content schedule (last year this was unheard of).

We’re also creating the shortlist for Kindling Volume II. I’ve definitely missed working on our publication since its launch last year. It’ll be great to have Vol II sitting beside our first baby on the Writer’s Edit Press bookshelf.

What I’ve read:

  • Wild – Cheryl Strayed
  • The Gathering – Anne Enright
  • Notes on a Scandal – Zoe Heller
  • Everything You Know – Zoe Heller

Until next time,


Note – Featured Image credit: Alice Gao | Lingered Upon