Another month has ended, but this one’s a little different to the rest… The end of June marks just one month until Heart of Mist hits the shelves. As always, there’s a million and one things happening so I’m going to dive right in…



A #bookstagram attempt taken by yours truly…


My Books

Heart of Mist, Book I: The Oremere Chronicles

July saw two more visits to the printer, and in the last few days, we’ve finally given the go-ahead for the first full print run.

The next time I see my book, it’ll be in boxes with dozens and dozens of copies. That’s it.

Heart of Mist is done and dusted. 

God, there were times when I thought I’d never be able to write those words.

This past month has challenged me so much, the amount of persistence that’s needed to go over those final proofs is immense. I’m not sure I can see straight anymore.


Another gorgeous bookish shot from A Bookish Peach <3


But it’s done. And there’s more news… The launch party is set in stone!

If YA fantasy is your jam, come and celebrate the release of Heart of Mist with me at the iconic bookstore, ‘Better Read Than Dead’.

You can get all the details here. It’s a free event, but don’t forget to click attending so we can get stock, drinks and catering right 🙂

Just four weeks to go guys.

If you can’t find me, I’ll be under my doona breathing into a paper bag.

Book II: The Oremere Chronicles

Ahhhhh… Yet again, my book writing has been put on the back burner. I think I underestimated just how much proofing, marketing and freelancing would take out of me.

I was on a really great streak for a while there, but I have just been so sapped of energy that the idea of sitting down and finishing the final third of Book II has really overwhelmed me.

I’m hoping that now HoM has been put to bed in the editorial sense, I’ll be able to focus my creative energies back on the second book.


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Other works

The third prequel is well and truly on its way folks! It’s taken me a while but I’m really loving where it’s going.

It should be release within the next week or so, just to whet everyone’s appetites before Heart of Mist is released!

To be sure you get the prequels delivered straight to your inbox, click here.

Editor’s Life

Writer’s Edit

Super exciting news everyone! Writer’s Edit has launched its FREE 5 Day Freelance Writing Foundation Course.

This course is FULL of incredible resources, advice and insights into the freelance writing life, so if that’s something you’re interested in, now’s your chance. The course is open NOW.


Besides my regular clients, freelance writing and editing for me are essentially on hold now.

I honestly can’t fit another thing on my plate, so it just makes sense for the next month to hold off on taking on new clients (sorry folks!).

This blog

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll notice that a few things have been happening!

I ran my first ever giveaway, which was incredibly successful. The winner will be announced shortly!


My first ever giveaway pack!


I also published a blog post ‘13 Ways To Help An Indie Author With Their Book Release‘ in response to a lot of questions I’ve been receiving lately.

What can you expect in the coming weeks? I’ll be publishing an excerpt of Heart of Mist, the second instalment of my ‘Author Confessions‘ series and of course, some other release content.

What I’ve read:

Anddddd we’re back to failing… I read a record low of NO NEW BOOKS this month.

With the final proofs of Heart of Mist taking up much of my reading time, I just didn’t have the energy to get through anything new.

I re-read A Court of Wings and Ruin and Empire of Storms, and started Six of Crows but got nowhere.

I’ve since bought Drums of Autumn (Diana Gabaldon has my heartttt) and have made a tonne of progress… Maybe I was just in an Outlander slump…?

In any case, that’s it for now. Lots to do!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!

– Helen