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The Patreon Story…

Over the last few months, writers and readers alike have been joining me on Patreon for behind-the-scenes access to all things bookish and publishing.

I thought a lot about what I wanted to offer with Patreon and the one thing I kept coming back to is my passion for and desire to have an ‘inner circle’: a space that acts as a direct line between my readers and I. Which is where Patreon and my Discord group, The HS Universe, come in. Both are all about creating a dialogue between me and my favourite readers, and our community as a whole. I want to create a culture of sharing, whether it’s about our favourite books, our writing processes or even our favourite wine 😉

Seriously, in Discord, I’ve set up channels for discussions on exactly those topics and more. Patrons of all tiers can ask questions whenever they want and I’ll be replying directly. Plus, everyone can chime in, too 😉

By becoming a patron, not only will you be supporting the work I already do, but you’ll also be helping me create (and be a part of) the space for my inner circle of readers and friends.

Each tier has a little suggestion as to who it’s perfect for, whether you’re an author seeking regular advice, or an avid reader of my books wanting a cheeky look backstage…

By subscribing to my Patreon, you’ll be enabling me to create the goodies you’ve been asking for: an awesome reader/writer community, exclusive live Q&As, merchandise and discounts, early access to bonus stories, cover reveals and a whole bunch more.

Thank you

Whether you become a patron or not, thank you so much for checking out this page. I’m incredibly grateful for your support.

I feel like this is the beginning of something really magical – I’m so excited about this new quest and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

Check out the tiers on offer and I hope to see you inside Patreon.

Happy reading,