Here’s where I answer the most frequently asked questions about my books, my writing life and publishing.

Please check the questions and responses below before sending an email with your query.

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Where can I get Heart of Mist?

You can get a paperback, ebook and/or audiobook copy of Heart of Mist at the following Amazon stores…

Aussies can also get the Australian paperback edition from Talem Press here.

Where can I get Reign of Mist?

You can get a paperback and ebook copy of Reign of Mist at the following Amazon stores…

The audiobook edition will be available from November 2018.

Aussies can also get the Australian paperback edition from Talem Press here.

When is War of Mist coming out?

The third and final book, War of Mist is slated for release on July 25, 2019.

Can you read my manuscript?

Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, I’m unable to read and offer feedback on your book or short story. However, if you’re looking for advice, I strongly recommend checking out Writer’s Edit 🙂

I am a book reviewer, do you ever give out ARCs (advanced reader copies) of your books?

Absolutely. Send your request to [hello AT helenscheuerer.com]. Remember to include a link to your blog! While we can’t guarantee everyone will receive an ARC, it never hurts to ask!

Why did you choose to publish independently?

I established Talem Press (an imprint of Writer’s Edit Press) in order to publish The Oremere Chronicles. I did this because I wanted creative control over my books, and control over the production schedule and the way my books were marketed.

Can I interview you on my blog?

I’m always open to interview requests, it simply depends on the time of year and what my schedule’s like. Feel free to send a request to [hello AT helenscheuerer.com], please remember to include a link to your blog or publication, and outline what you’d like to discuss.

How did you get your agent?

I was lucky enough that my agent approached me! I didn’t go through the usual querying process, and everything moved rather quickly. This is very unusual compared to the traditionally lengthy process of submitting query letters and waiting for responses, so don’t feel disheartened!

What are the prequel stories?

I currently offer 9 FREE Heart of Mist prequel stories to the lovely folk who sign up to my mailing list.

These stories introduce readers to the protagonist and other important characters of my trilogy, before the events in Heart of Mist.

They’re a great way to get to know Bleak and her friends before things get crazy in the books.

You can get yours here.