2014 was a year for Writer’s Edit. It was a time for Writer’s Edit Press and Kindling. 2014 was the year of my editor self, and completing my Masters of Publishing at The University of Sydney. But what about my own creative writing? What about my book? Where had that dream gone?

That dream, I decided in March 2014, needed to be put in a drawer for a prolonged period of time. See, I had struggled for a long time to leave my manuscript alone, to think about other things and come back to it with fresh eyes. My Masters degree, and publishing Kindling gave me the perfect excuse to do this.

January 2015 has been spent holed up in my studio, at my desk hammering away at my manuscript. Having received detailed feedback from two wonderful publishers regarding my novel Red Hands, I decided to re-work a significant part of the story.

Though it’s the beginning of a stuffy, humid summer – I am imagining myself in a location like the one above.

It is now the 31st, and the rework is finished. The manuscript has been sent off to four different readers. And then it’s back to the publishers.