I am someone who very much thrives on routine. I get up at 8am each morning, stumble downstairs and make myself a cup of tea. By 8.30am I like to be back upstairs, and at my desk where I’ll spend half an hour skimming over emails, social media notifications, the content schedule for Writer’s Edit and whatever else, in order to prepare myself for the day ahead.

This morning, I was in need of a little inspiration when I came across ‘Before the Day Starts‘ by Margaret Everton over at KinfolkNot only was it beautiful, but it was inspiring. It spoke of making time for yourself in the morning, before the sunrises.

Unknowingly (minus the before-sunrise part), I’ve been doing this for some time. Allowing myself to wake up gradually as I potter through my routine of cereal and tea, and saying hello to Ollie, the family labrador. This happy realisation, and reading Everton’s article, made for a brilliant start to my morning.

– Helen